Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where is the BBC Box?

Where is the BBC Box, NYKU8210506?

Short answer, discharged in Hong Kong APR-17-2009 01:08

See my other blog posts for estimated oncarriage vessel and arrival in Yokohama, Japan.
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On a lighter note, when I googled "where is the BBC Box" I ran across this tongue in cheek (meaning, not serious) article, which I just had to pass along.

This is how it begins,
BBC Box abandoned, broken up on Bengali beach

By Ryan Skinner (email)

What began as a visionary media stunt to demonstrate the complexity of global trade has ended on the rusty steel-strewn shores of India. After it became lost some time in the second-half of 2008, the BBC Box suffered a short career as contraband mule before it was abandoned and sold for scrap by an unidentified Macau-based party, reports say.

"Could this story have ended differently?", shipping industry sources ask themselves, in resignation.

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What's really not so funny is I am afraid this is close to the truth, as it appears (in my opinion) The BBC might abandon this project.

Just goes to show, international shipping really is complicated.

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