Monday, April 20, 2009

Ocean carrier Shipcraft A/S to arm ships in Gulf of Aden

Shipgaz news reports

The Danish coaster operator Shipcraft A/S has decided to hire armed guards for their ships sailing in the Gulf of Aden. The decision comes after an attack on the coaster Puma last week on a voyage in the area. The piracy attack failed as eight non-armed guards (British) on board the Puma managed to ward off the attack.
“We have taken the decision to hire armed guards for the safety of our crews”, says Per Nykjær Jensen, CEO of Shipcraft.
“I can not take the responsibility for not protect my crew in the best possible way. A squad of armed guards cost me an extra DKK 200,000, but still that is a cheap price for the safety of our crews and the ships”, says Per Nykjær Jensen.
“And if the guards kill one of the attackers I will cope much better with that then if I have to inform the relatives of a dead crew member”, says Per Nykjær Jensen.
Puma was on a voyage from Busan, South Korea to Emden (Germany) when the attack occurred.

I believe this is the first company to take this action.

They don't say who they will hire. Back in October 2008 Blackwater was offering their services.

I suspect Shipcraft will hire someone from Denmark. Maersk is also based in Denmark, so protecting vessels might be a good business to get into if one is Danish.

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Anonymous said...

Shipcraft are using REDfour for their security.