Friday, April 24, 2009

Maersk has a negative bunker adjustment factor

Last month I said the carriers should be offering bunker adjustment factor credits if they are truly using the price of bunker fuel as their basis.

Good news. Maersk apparently is.

I input for a container from China to West Coast USA, and these were the bunker adjustment factors for April

Current charges:

20'dry container USD -90
40'dry container USD -120
40'high cube dry container USD -120
45'high cube dry container USD -120

They are scheduled to go up in May to a charge of around 25.00. But this is done only because the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) requires a carrier file any increases with 30 days notice, but decreases can be done in 1 day. So when May 1st rolls around I expect Maersk will refile their charges in line with their formula.

Good job Maersk.

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