Monday, April 13, 2009

I'll bet Maersk vessels won't be hijacked anymore

Eventhough very few of Maersk vessels are U.S. Flag, I doubt any pirates will be going after any ship with the Maersk name on it after last week's foiled hijacking.

In fact, if I were in charge of insurance at Maersk Line, I would be asking for a discount.

There are very few U.S. Flag ships.

It's good to know that when a company does change the flag to U.S. they are afforded the protection of the flag.

Perhaps this will be a reason for more international shipping companies to think about reflagging to U.S., no matter the expense.

This is what I said, back in Dec. 2008.

Despite all the objections, my guess is we will start seeing armed guards onboard ships, hopefully from one of the Navies. I suspect the "flag" countries have already started discussions with countries with Navies to offer protection to their flagged ships - I trust for a fee.

Let's see if the U.S. Navy starts putting guards onboard U.S. Flag vessels.

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