Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update on The BBC Box

Update April 14, 2009. The tracking device used by the BBC is not working, again.
See new blog post

The BBC Box is onboard the vessel Aquitania.

The Aquitania is east of Madagascar. I trust the pirates are not going after ships that far south.

The BBC Box is scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong on April 16, and then transhipped onto the NYK Estrela to arrive in Yokohama on April 21.

Hong Kong APR-16 Aquitania/101

NYK ESTRELA/105 Yokohama APR-21

It is carrying goods for both Japan and Russia.

I presume either the steamship line (NYK) or the freight forwarder/consolidator will unload the container in Yokohama and then forward the goods destined for Russia by another container, and of course, another ship.


Anonymous said...

There have been no data concerning the travel of the box since April 4th. The BBC web site doesn't give any explanation for this. So what has happened to the box?

Lynda Applegate said...

Yes, the BBC had some problems with the tracking device.
This is their reply to my e-mail.
April 13, 2009
Hi Lynda

Thanks for your e-mail. We apologise but we have had some gremlins with the project. We had to return the GPS tracking device to the UK for repairs and several of the key people on the project were unavoidably distracted by other major stories in the business and economics world which meant we couldn't give the project as much attention as we had hoped for a couple of months.

The tracking is now working again and the we hope to report when the Box arrives in Japan and during the final stages of the journey until we close the project in the UK this summer. There is also a new piece by Adam Mynott about the state of the global shipping trade on the site at the moment.

Thank you for your interest in the project,

Kind regards

The Box Team

Lynda Applegate said...

Thanks for your alert - I just realized this is now the 2nd time the GPS device has quit.
See my blog posting today.