Monday, May 25, 2009

Will the Somali Pirates stop their hijackings?

The BBC is reporting one of the main leaders of pirates has "seen the light" and will give up pirating.

Mr Abdullah, a well-known pirate chief in Puntland, says his group is not holding any ships at present and the authorities have agreed to give them amnesty for previous hijackings.

"I see myself as someone who has been saved from bad deeds," he told the BBC's Somali Service.

"I understand the wrong things that I was involved in and I'm aware now these acts are wrong in Islamic teachings.

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I guess the pressure mentioned in the NY Times on May 10 worked

“Man, these Islamic guys want to cut my hands off,” he (the pirate) grumbled over a plate of camel meat and spaghetti. The sheiks seemed to have rattled him more than the armada of foreign warships patrolling offshore. “Maybe it’s time for a change.”

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