Friday, May 22, 2009

Canadians and Italians come to aid of U.S. ship

Pirates first went after a Lebanese ship, Maria K. When they were thwarted, they went after the Maersk Virginia (sister to Maersk Alabama). Obviously these pirates aren't very smart.

From CBS

The pirates broke off their pursuit of the Maria K and headed instead for the nearby American ship.

An Italian Naval helicopter joined the Canadian aircraft. With the helicopters hovering overhead, the pirates gave up their attempted hijacking and threw their weapons overboard before their boat was boarded by Italian seamen.

Good thing the Italians boarded the ship, as the Canadians have that "catch and release" policy regarding "suspected" Pirates.

No word yet on what the Italians have done with these "suspected" pirates.

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Anonymous said...

Catch and release of pirates!!!
I mean real pirates that rape pilage and plunder. These guys seem to be pretend pirates until they have a victim in their hands then it is pay or die! I don't think that they need a seconds consideration. Zap them and get rid of them. Are there any Phantom comic readers out there. The Phantom and his forefathers were dedictaed to the extermination of pirates and guess where they operated? Right on that coast. The Phantom would have taught the do gooders a good lesson as well.
I was taught at maritime college that if you knew the country of origin of the perps then they were sea robbers if not then they were pirates. any advance on that?
Capt. Toomas