Friday, May 22, 2009

How many U.S. flag ships sail in the Indian Ocean?

The U.S. Coast Guard doesn't know how many U.S. Flag vessels are sailing in waters which are vulerable to pirate attacks.

They think it's probably from 1- 7 ships? And they can't figure it out?
How hard is that!!! What idiots.

If I had about 4 hours to kill I could figure it out.

From the JOC

Christensen said the Coast Guard still doesn’t know just how many U.S.-flag vessels are plying the Indian Ocean, although getting an accurate tally is top priority before Adm. Brian Salerno, assistant commandant for safety, security and stewardship, will testify Wednesday before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

“We’re probably looking at 13 or 14 companies that operate ships in that area,” Christensen said. Some ships are transiting the region, while others are in liner service along the coast of East Africa. “The data varies. It could be one ship, it could be seven ships. We’re trying to get a better handle on that right now.”

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