Friday, May 1, 2009

Double Handling

I hope this article is incorrect.

They say goods will be shipped by vendors to consolidation centers in Atlanta, So. Calif, and North NJ.

Then, they will be resorted, and delivered to distribution centers in Atlanta, Dallas, and So. Calif.

That seems like a lot of rehandling to me. Can't they make them consolidation/distribution centers?

Probably someone decided to build the warehouse in Dallas, and now they have to justify a way to use it.

Vendors have traditionally delivered product directly to each Stein Mart store, but with APL Logistics’ help, the fashion discounter is scrapping that system in favor of a layered distribution system, where vendors will deliver product to Stein Mart consolidation centers being established in Atlanta; Compton, Calif.; and Secaucus, N.J.
The consolidation centers will re-sort shipments for delivery to distribution centers in Atlanta, Dallas and Compton. At distribution centers, merchandise will be checked to ensure it’s floor ready and if not, problems will be corrected. Merchandise will then be sorted for delivery to Stein Mart stores.

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