Thursday, September 11, 2008

Track this container - NYKU 8210506

The Brits (BBC) are tracking a shipping container for one year. I wanted to say an ocean container, but the first leg of it's journey was overland. This highlights how much the container (thanks Malcolm McLean, the father of containerization, founder of Sea-Land ) has changed the transporting of goods, both overland and sea. It was a simple idea. Take the wheels off a truck, and put the "box" part of the truck on a ship.

I am dating myself now, but the first containers were 35 ft long. Today the standard sizes are 40ft and 20ft long.

In the question and answer part of the BBC article, someone asked exactly what I was thinking.

"Will the container have special treatment or will it be treated like a normal container and spend eleven months at the back of a stack of empties in a container yard in Pittsburg PA? John Clark, Ipswich, UK"

Ha ha ha.. I wonder how much money NYK is going to spend digging out this container in various container yards around the world.

I'll try to check in on this once a week or so.

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