Monday, September 29, 2008

Russian Military Vessel Neustrashimy

The Russians sent a military vessel, the Neustrashimy, to Somalia sometime around last Wed., Sept. 24th.

It's about 3300 nautical miles from Russia to Somalia. I can't find anything giving the speed of the Neustrashimy, but guessed it could be 20-25 knots.

Based on this, it should get there Tues. or Wed., Sept. 30/Oct. 1.

My guess is until it gets there, everyone else will just be sitting around making sure nothing gets off the Ukrainian freighter Faina.

Some of the retired U.S. Navy guys are following this story on Information Dissemination.

I did pick up some good information from this blog. Apparently the vessel Faina is a ro/ro (roll-on-roll-off) which means the tanks can be driven off the ship. This does make it all a bit more interesting.

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