Friday, October 29, 2010

NY/NJ Port Time Keepers paid for 25 hours a day

In case you didn't really notice from previous articles, the no show jobs at the NY/NJ Ports are sanctioned in the contract between the ILA and the Port Operators.

Now, something equally strange is sanctioned in these contracts.

Paying Timekeepers for more than 24 hours in one day.

From The Journal of Commerce

Paul Buglioli, head timekeeper at Ports America’s terminals in the port, testified he’s paid for 25 hours a day and earned $462,685 last year. Babchik identified 10 other timekeepers in the port who were paid over $200,000 last year, including hours they don’t work.

Buglioli said he and other timekeepers at Ports America terminals log in dockworkers for several shift starts per day, including weekends and holidays, and input their names and work codes for nearly 100 pay categories. “We only have four timekeepers … We should have about 10 timekeepers to do the work we’re doing,” he said.
Commission attorney Paul Babchik testified that timekeepers – International Longshoremen’s Association clerks who tally and report dockworkers’ hours for companies’ payrolls – are paid under arrangements that vary among terminals. Timekeepers typically are paid whenever workers are on the job at a terminal.

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