Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forecast Dry Bulk Shipping

Of course everyone stares into the crystal ball to try and see the future for shipping. The bulk ships have seen quite an improvement, but there are new ships coming out of the yards, with 2012 being a critical year, perhaps creating overcapacity once again.

Some say shipping will be what pulls the Greek economy out of the mess it's in.

Hellenic Shipping News has a lengthy report on Dry Bulk market.
This is just one part.

N.Cotzias Shipping Group examined the potential overcapacity of dry bulk tonnage and how it will impact the freight markets. According to Cotzias, the expected ships until the end of 2010 are alarming, with 6 VLOC’s of 1.8 million tons, 61 Capes of 11 million tons, 21 Post Panamaxes of 2.1 million tons, 74 Panamaxes of 6 million tons, 153 Supramaxes of 9 million tons, 7 Handymaxes of 300,000 tons, 201 Handies of 6 million tons and 221 bullkers (between 10,000 and 20,000 dwt) of 2 million tons, not to mention an additional smaller dry bulk carriers (including MPP, General Cargo) of 400,000 tons. In total until the end of the year, the additional carrying capacity of the global dry bulk fleet, based on the expected deliveries should be 38.6 million tons, a figure difficult to be offset by the increased cargo demand. Of course, the economies of the developed world haven’t to contribute to global shipping trades, with China still ruling the fortunes of rates.

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