Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Longshoremen pay Union Boss for better jobs

In researching the recent arrests of Longshoremen smuggling drugs off the dock (mainly in Port Elizabeth, I gather), I ran across this article which appeared in the Star Ledger in April 2010.

A top official in a longshoremen’s union and a Newark police officer were arrested today as part of an ongoing investigation into corruption at seaports in New Jersey, authorities said.

Nunzio LaGrasso, 59, of Florham Park allegedly extorted money from dock workers by demanding cash for better jobs. Every Christmas, workers would be forced to pony up hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get better shifts, more overtime or higher-paying assignments, according to authorities.

"Our investigation revealed that longshoremen were between a rock and a hard place when it came to paying tribute to these alleged criminals," Attorney General Paula Dow said. "They could either pay up or they could forget about better assignments, higher pay and overtime."

And yet, the Union pretends it helps the Longshoremen.

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