Monday, September 10, 2012

ILA Wages

The ILA goes back to the bargaining table next week.

The United States Maritime Alliance is the group negotiating with the ILA.  This is a group which
represents the carriers, who pay the ILA.   I don't really know of another industry where the
negotiations are not directly between the employer and the employee, so if you know of an
example, post a comment.   It would really seem more logical to have the ILA paid by the
terminal, and the terminal would charge the carrier for the total cost to work a ship.  But,
that's just silly me talking.

Anyway, the carriers have always given in to the ILA in the past, because, after all it's a big
group and it's difficult for a few carriers to convince all, that they need to take a hardline
position and let the ILA strike.  After all, it would really cause a lot of problems for everyone,
and cost a lot of money.   However, times are tough, and maybe now the carriers will
at least ban together, let them strike, and then pass on the additional costs of diverting cargo to the importers
and shippers.

If I had a contract with a carrier, I would certainly be looking at the "strike clause".

Below is from the web-site of the USMX  (United States Maritime Alliance).
As it is said "nice work if you can get it".   I guess these folks do!

Longshore workers are among the best paid union workers in U.S.

Longshore workers have a superior wage and benefits package that places them among the best paid union workers in the country. ILA members on the East and Gulf Coasts earn an average of $124,138 annually in wages and benefits. In wages alone, they make $50 an hour, more than double the average hourly wage of about $23 earned by all union workers in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.
ILA members also have one of the best healthcare plans in the nation, paying no premiums for family medical, dental and vision coverage and only minimal co-pays.  

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