Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ILA contract talks to resume Sept. 19, 2012

According to the Baltimore Sun, contract talks between the ILA and USMX (representatives of
the carriers and terminals) will resume today, at a hotel in New Jersey.

It had been reported the locations of the talks would be undisclosed...but, admittedly there are
a lot of hotels in New Jersey.

These negotiations are being mediated by the Federal Mediation and Coalition Services.

The ILA union contract expires Sept. 30th, and the Union membership has already
authorized a strike.

From The Baltimore Sun

The maritime alliance says dockworkers are driving up shipping costs by taking advantage of liberal overtime rules. It says longshoreman are well compensated, making an average of $124,000 annually in wages and benefits, with management paying 97 percent of the cost of their health care plan.
The union says its members do dangerous work, often in adverse weather, and must be protected and retrained as the industry changes.

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