Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More trouble in Somalia

This isn't really about international shipping, except for the effect the pirates from Somalia have on the shipping industry.

Somalia has been without a functioning government for almost 20 years. The current one, backed by the U.N. appears to be on it's way to be ousted, and, along with it, aide agencies.

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The Somali interim government, which is the 15th attempt to restore national order since 1991, is struggling against an insurgency led by Al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam hardliners, who control sections of Mogadishu and are attempting to overthrow the U.N.-backed government.

A senior member of Somalia's Islamist guerrilla movement Al Shabaab has ordered international aid agencies to leave the southwestern region of Gedo, Radio Garowe reports Monday.

Abdullahi Osman Jibril, a top militia commander in Gedo region, said Al Shabaab informed the aid agencies' local and international offices to leave "within a short period of time."

"Security forces in Gedo [region] have orders to take necessary steps against all aid agencies who refuse to leave the region," said Mr. Jibril, who accused aid groups of "espionage."

No reports have emerged from U.N. and other international aid agencies operating in Gedo, where lack of rainfall this year has contributed to a growing humanitarian crisis.

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No wonder they have turned to piracy.

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