Thursday, December 1, 2011

Press Release - MSC and CMA CGM agreement

Here's the press release which is on the MSC web-site (click here for link)

December 1st, 2011

MSC and CMA CGM sign major partnership agreement

The world’s second and third-largest container shipping companies have announced
the signature of a major agreement. The two family-owned companies, the Swiss-
Italian MSC and France’s CMA CGM, today agreed to form a broad-based operating
partnership spanning several trades, including Asia-Northern Europe, Asia-Southern
Africa and all of the South American markets.

The agreement, which is designed to improve the two partners’ respective
performance, will help to drive extensive operating synergies and enhance quality of
service for all of their customers.

On a certain number of trades, the partnership will also enable the Groups to deploy
the best ships in each of their fleets, while increasing the number of ports of call and frequency of sailings.

Diego Aponte, Vice President of MSC, said: “we are very happy to have signed this
broad-based partnership, which will unite our two family-owned companies in the
years ahead. The agreement offers us new opportunities to optimise the use of our
respective fleets, improve our transit times and increase our performance.”

Rodolphe SaadĂ©, Executive Officer of CMA CGM Group, said: “for more than 30
years, our two companies have followed the same trajectory and for a number of
years we’ve cooperated on a few lines. Based on this experience and our shared
vision of the shipping industry, we have decided to step up our partnerships, which
reflect a commitment to long-term cooperation and will enable us to offer customers
improved solutions and services.”

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Ruby Claire said...

On a certain variety of investments, the relationship will also allow the Categories to set up the best delivers in each of their fleets, while raising the variety of stops and consistency of sailings.