Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shipcraft Vessel Hi- Jacked

I haven't mentioned all the ships which continue to be hijacked. This one was hijacked off the coast of Oman, so I am not sure it's the Somali Pirates, but I suspect so.

From Shipgaz news

The fate of the Danish coaster Leopard is still uncertain after a pirate attack yesterday in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Oman. The crew of Leopard reported an attack from two pirate boats at 2 pm on Wednesday. The crew of six (two Danish and four Filipinos) closed down the engine and rushed to the ship’s safe room, and there has been no contact with Leopard since then. This morning there is still no report from the ship, which is drifting at sea. The pirates are unable to enter the vessel as Leopard is secured with barbed wires and steel doors.

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