Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hamburg Süd has a new web-site

Hamburg Süd is a German shipping company. The 2 little dots over the U is called an umlaut, which means one does not pronounce the Süd as Sud (as in rhyming with mud), but as Sued, or really more germanic the S is pronounced as a Z, so it's Zood. I know any German reading this is having a heart attack, but I think it will help my fellow Americans.

Anyway, they have a new web-site. You can find it by googling hamburg sud.

Or, click here for the link to

They now have different links to their various divisions, and also to their parent company.

I haven't used the new site too much, but I did look up a sailing schedule from New York to Santos, Brazil. The only thing that baffled me was the date. It said 12.01.2001, and I am like "December is a long way away", and then I realize it's formatted in the European (and South American) style of date first, then month, and then year. They really should change it to use Jan for the month.

If anyone else has tried out this new site and has comments, I would enjoy hearing from you.

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