Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ILA action hurts truck drivers

The ILA stopped trucks from going in and out of the gates in NY/NJ, but didn't stop ships from working.

So, they didn't really hurt the carriers, but instead, the independent truck drivers

From NJ.com

"We came up to inform people what is going on in Camden," said Joe, one of 14 longshoremen from the Port of Philadelphia.

Beverly Fedorko, a spokeswoman for the NYSA said she expected the terminal to reopen tomorrow.

Bradley Homman, 45, of Clearfield, Pa., parked his truck on Port Jersey Boulevard near the entrance to the terminal and said he plans to "beat the traffic" when the gates open tomorrow.

He said expects to lose $200 in earnings because of the one-day stoppage. "There is a lot of people who are going to be mad because they are closed, Homman said. said. "Everyone is going to lose a day's work."

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