Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Correction- ILA shuts down all terminal work at NY/NJ

Yesterday I wrote that the truckers were the ones hurt by the ILA strike, that the ships were still being loaded/unloaded. This was incorrect.

Apparently all work stopped on the terminals.

And, despite a court injunction yesterday afternoon, there is yet again no work today.

Yes, the ILA is thumbing their nose at the court, and, I guess they can't read, because there is a "no strike clause" in their contract.

What thugs. Yes, thugs.

Next thing you know they will be bashing out car windows with tire irons.

From The Journal of Commerce

The New York Shipping Association went to court Tuesday afternoon to seek an injunction against the work stoppages, which was granted by Judge Debevoise.

“We feel strongly that these actions by the ILA, in refusing to cross a non-bona-fide line, are a violation of the no-strike clause of our current collective bargaining agreement,” said Joseph C. Curto, president of the New York Shipping Association, in a statement issued Tuesday. “We further believe these actions are completely irresponsible and accordingly we will explore all possible remedies to end this illegal action.”

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Anonymous said...

Yes, They are thugs standing up for the rights of 200 workers. Something that in this country has not been seen in a long time ( The audacity of standing up for something, anything, you believe in) Standing up for something they believe in, before you condemn them check out the facts.They were the most peaceful group of thugs I think I have ever seen, no tire irons. just taking a stand for something they believe in. Just an honest hard working ILA membership doing the right thing. Taking a stand for an unjust situation.