Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

I'm taking some time off over the holidays.

That's the one really nice thing about not working in the day to day business of international shipping, which never shuts down for holidays.

It has started to snow here in Kansas, so we will have a white Christmas.

Along with the snow has come the cold. High today of 29 F,( -1.6 C) low 13 F (-10.5 C), with a wind chill factor of -6 F (-21 C). And, it will continue to get colder for the next few days.

I hope to be heading south to Corpus Christ, Texas in Jan. It's about a 800 miles, (1300 kilometers), and takes about 1 1/2 days to drive.

If you are not familiar with the U.S., take a look at a map.

It's a big country.


Anonymous said...

Hope your flights weren't cancelled like ours were BOTH WAYS to Orlando last week because of weather. Luggage was lost for three days as well. Well Happy Holidays . I find your articles informing keep up the good work.

Lynda Applegate said...

Oh dear. Flying during the holidays can be so frustrating. I did that for 18 years, but now am living closer to family, so it's just by car.

Thanks for reading my blog