Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12 Percent of containership fleet is idle

American Shipper quotes Alphaliner on the delays in orders for new containerships

More than 300 ordered containerships, accounting for 2.4 million TEUs worth of capacity, have seen their delivery dates deferred or delayed since October 2008, according to the maritime news service Alphaliner.

But what I thought was most interesting, was the comment on current idle capacity

...the idle container fleet has hit 1.5 million TEUs, Alphaliner reported. That’s approaching 12 percent of the global fleet, a record high. That the idled fleet is rising during December is unsurprising, given that carriers are rationalizing services during the traditionally weak winter months. Alphaliner projects the idle fleet will keep rising until March.

Until the idle capacity goes away, one would think the newbuildings will just keep getting pushed back.

Of course, there are two ways idle capacity can be decreased. Ships can be chartered or, they can be scrapped.

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