Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maersk Exec with short memory

I found this quote in today's Journal of Commerce rather amusing.

(Maersk Executive) Nicolaisen questioned whether all carriers should have global ambitions. “Does it really make sense,” he said, “for everybody trying to become a global player with a small presence in all trade lanes with a very small market share"?

I have worked in at least 3 trade lanes where Maersk was the newcomer. They were determined to be a "global carrier", and horned their way into new tradelanes, trashing the rates as they came. Doing stupid things like pricing 40ft reefers the same as 20ft reefers, only because they didn't have 20ft reefers.

Maybe Nicolaisen was still in short pants when all this went on. Maersk has a habit of changing their trade lane managers every few years, so you always end up with a new one who can say "I wasn't responsible for those stupid decisions".

And this comment is also a complete reversal of Maersk policy, who wanted to offer "totally integrated" transportation services.

Ocean carriers, he said, must focus on their core operations. He said most inland container movements are “probably best left to domestic providers who can mix and match different modes of transportation and know their own markets.”

Oh well.

They have to say something.

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