Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update- Arctic Sea 09/09/2009

I doubt we will ever know the truth as to what is onboard the Arctic Sea.
The Russian minister states
The information that there were S-300 missiles aboard the Arctic Sea is absolutely not true. Russia will launch an inspection of that ship as soon as possible, and I assure you we will keep it as transparent as possible so that everyone will be able to see that the rumors are false,” assured journalists the Russian foreign minister at a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

Since then, a forensic team from Russia’s Investigative Committee of the General Prosecutor’s Office has carried out a detailed inspection of the Arctic Sea’s cargo bay.

Yea, well, apparently there weren't any reporters allowed to witness this. Maybe the word "transparent" should not have been used.

Especially since
Arctic Sea is now in open sea.


Investigators have inspected its cargo in detail. There’s only timber and sawn wood. Forensic experts found no cargo but the one declared so far,” Vladimir Markin, the committee’s spokesman, told the media.

He added that the team is to go on with its work on on board for several days.

Oh this is just laughable. This kind of work is not performed at sea. And why were they going to take it to some port in the middle of nowhere to do this inspection?

Little wonder why.

In the meantime, the reporter who broke the story thought it best to leave Russia

Maritime reporter Mikhail Voitenko, who fled Russia after receiving threats for his suggestions about the cargo of the hijacked merchant vessel Arctic Sea, has moved to Bangkok from Istanbul.

On Friday, the editor of the online Maritime Bulletin-Sovfrakht told CNN the cargo ship might have been involved in “some secret kind of shipment”.

“I don't think that this was a criminal cargo or drugs. I think it's something more important or dangerous,” Voitenko said.

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