Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More staff reductions at container carriers

In my blog of Aug. 31, 2009, I reported Hanjin would reduce their staff.

They were trying to do so by offering early retirement (I presume), at least they stated they are targeting employees over 50.

Of course labor laws vary widely from country to country.

Hapag-Lloyd has met with the union in Germany to review the need for staff cuts.
It was reported they are looking at about a 10% staff cut. I don't know if the labor laws have changed, but it use to be, in Germany, lay-offs went by kind of a "who needs the job most" criteria. This meant that single women were laid off first, then single men, then married men. This was before it was common for married women to hold full time jobs in Germany.

I hope they use a different criteria today.

Zim will also have lay-offs in Israel. This is how it will be handled.

From Globes online

"Our principle is that everything must be consensual. Layoffs should not be compelled. Zim's management will send us a list of employees, and in my experience, the committee approves 70-80% of the list, so long as it is within the agreement reached."

Weissand added that not all of the layoffs will be among people over 50, since Zim's management will probably include employees it considers unproductive in the list.

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Humm. Well, if they have employees which they consider unproductive, and they haven't got rid of them by now, perhaps this is why Zim is in a financial bind.

Or, perhaps it's a problem with the chosen word in English. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and say perhaps it would be employees who are "non-essential".

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