Sunday, March 22, 2009

BBC container loaded on vessel in Santos, Brazil

The BBC Container loaded onboard a ship in Santos, Brazil, destined for Yokohama, Japan. From the NYK tracking site. (You can check yourself, input complete prefix and number, no spaces).

Current Date: Mar-22-2009
Container Search Results

Container NYKU8210506 Container Size/Type 40'/DRY

Status As Of Event Location Mode
MAR-22-2009 03:12 Vessel Departure Santos, BRA Aquitania/101

NYK Schedule Santos to Yokohama
This first vessel is Aquitania Voyage 101 to Hong Kong arriving around April 16.

There it will be transhipped onto NYK Estrela Voyage 105, arriving Yokohama around April 21.

For some reason the BBC no longer updates the location of their box. Probably the person in charge of this project got reassigned. So, although I can track the container via NYK web-site, I have no idea what cargo it is carrying.

If anyone in Brazil knows the contents, I would appreciate a comment.


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