Friday, February 8, 2013

Will U.S. Dockworkers Strike?

What a shock.  The ILWU (representing the U.S. West Coast) went on strike for 8 days in December.

They came to an agreement, but, low and behold., yesterday the members did not vote for the agreement.
What now?  

No one knows.  Will there be another strike in Los Angeles/Long Beach?

And then what about the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf ports?   The union reached a "tentative agreement", but
the contract (to my knowledge) expired Feb. 6.   So presumably they are working without a contract.

Today reports say they will continue negotiations and expect to conclude in March. ??

Perhaps the carriers don't get this, but it looks to me that the unions are in a very good spot
to really shut down the country.  What would happen if the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf port went
out on strike, as well as the Long Beach/Los Angeles port?

Somebody better ask for a contract extension for the U.S. East/Gulf Port until the new contract
is place.

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