Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why the ILA will strike

As just posted, I think the ILA will go on strike Dec. 30.  At the moment both sides
are meeting with a mediator, but in my opinion, the most that will happen is the contract
will be extended.

If they do this, it is only postponing the strike.   I don't think the ILA will give in.  They want
to continue some stupid payments that were put in place to appease the union when containerzation
came in to place so the union members loaded big containers (you all know what an ocean
container looks like), rather than bags and boxes.

This took place in the 1960's.  That is more than 50 years ago!!

In my opinion, the ILA management is totally out of touch with reality.  Within the last
few years it has been shown there is still mob control of the union, with "Christmas payments"
being made by the membership to the union bosses.

The union bosses need to be replaced.   Only when this occurs will a reasonable contract
come in to place, and the ports and carriers can move forward with needed improvements.

Just saying...

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