Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Containerships in lay up

I don't know how many of these ships are in "cold" lay-up, or "hot" lay-up. I suspect they are all in "hot" lay-up, meaning they could be redeployed very quickly.

Anyway, Tradewinds reports over 10% of the global fleet of containerships is still in lay-up.

Non-operating owners’ share of the idle fleet has reached 601,000-teu, which at 4.7% of the global total is a new record, Alphaliner’s latest report says.

The non-operating owners are shipowners who charter out vessels, but do not operate as a carrier. This means either they have decided to wait until the market improves, not wanting to accept the current offered charter hire. Or, they can't find deployment for these ships, at any price.

Carriers have 713,000-teu of capacity in lay-up, equal to 5.6% of the global fleet.

So that puts the idle capacity at around 10.3% on a TEU basis.

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