Monday, December 1, 2008

Ships' crew refuses to sail Gulf of Aden

From Lloyds List
A V.SHIPS-managed vessel has been stranded in the Gulf of Aden for more than 72 hours after terrified crew witnessed the Biscaglia hijacking and refused to sail the ship further.
“We have a crew right now who won’t go any further and have stopped the ship,” said V.Ships chief operating officer Matthew Dunlop.

Mr Dunlop would not name the vessel involved, nor give crew numbers or location, because of security concerns, but he said the ship was fully laden.

Later in the article,Mr. Dunlop gives his opinion regarding security of vessels passing through the Gulf of Aden..

He did not criticise the crew’s action but he said the industry would have to face the industrial and safety concerns arising from transits in waters where pirates have attacked.

But we should not have any armed guards on a merchant ship. Full stop. Not negotiable,” he said.

Wow. Easy for him to say.

Put this guy on a ship through pirate infested waters, and see if he changes his tune.

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