Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Commissioner Jan Gilhooly appears to be mad as...

Not sure what will translate.  Mad as a wet hen?  Oh well.  The point is this woman (and it seems we women are the ones bringing accountability in many areas..note GM)  is fed up with a whole bunch of people.

She issued this statement which is available on the Waterfront Commission web-site.
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Statement of New Jersey Commissioner Jan Gilhooly in Response to Coalition Statement Urging Port-Hiring Reforms
March 25, 2014
           I am greatly troubled that continuous misrepresentations are being made to elected New Jersey officials, members of the media and members of the industry. As a 30-year veteran of the United States Secret Service, I will stake my integrity and that of this Commission against that of the NYSA and ILA. The Waterfront Commission will continue to do everything in its power to fulfill its mandate to ensure the fair hiring of a diverse workforce in the Port.


Anonymous said...

Gilhooly is a man, not a woman.

Lynda Applegate said...

Apparently Jan Gilhooly is a man. My mistake.