Friday, September 14, 2012

Carriers continue to collude

It's difficult for carriers to give up the long held practice of colluding on rates.   In the past
it was legal, but no longer.

From The Journal of Commerce

Antitrust investigation also includes car carriers

CSAV said it and some of its employees have received subpoenas from U.S. government authorities and the Competition Office of Canada in connection with an investigation under antitrust law that includes it and a group of car carriers.

Although the Chilean carrier did not identify the car carriers that are also being investigated, they may be among the 10 Japanese, South Korean and Norwegian shipping lines being investigated by the Japan Fair Trade Commission.

CSAV said it notified the Chilean Securities and Insurance Supervisor of the investigation and that its management “has dedicated itself to gather information.” It said its board of directors has instructed the company management to provide maximum cooperation in connection with the investigation.

“The investigation seeks to inquire into the existence of antitrust law violations related to cooperation agreements on prices and allocation of clients between car carriers,” CSAV said.

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