Monday, August 31, 2009

Arctic Sea- carrying missiles to Iran?

Wow, that was first posted here by a commenter a few days ago.

Now, Time Magazine has an article alleging the same thing. (well, actually they are just saying destined for the mid-east)

The highest-ranking official to put forward this version of events is the European Union's rapporteur on piracy and a former commander of the Estonian armed forces, Admiral Tarmo Kouts. In an interview with TIME, he says only a shipment of missiles could account for Russia's bizarre behavior throughout the monthlong saga. "There is the idea that there were missiles aboard, and one can't explain this situation in any other way," he says. "As a sailor with years of experience, I can tell you that the official versions are not realistic."

Kouts says an Israeli interception of the cargo is the most likely explanation. But this theory, which some Russian analysts put forward in the days after the Arctic Sea was rescued and which Kouts agreed with in his interview with TIME, has been vehemently denied by Russia's envoy to NATO, Dmitri Rogozin, who says Kouts should stop "running his mouth."

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Anonymous said...

Gee, not that Iran and Russia are only separated by a few miles across the Caspian Sea or anything -- they have to go allll the way from the Artic to Algeria to get to Iran. Geography 101: FAIL.