Friday, June 5, 2009

United Airlines looking to the future

The container carrier industry is just now going through what the airlines have been through the past couple of decades.

If an airline is still in business, they are probably doing some things right.

United Airlines is using the downturn as an opportunity to order some new fuel efficient jets at a good price. They haven't bought new planes in a decade.

From American Shipper

United Airlines may order up to 150 new planes worth $10 billion and has asked both Boeing and Airbus for competing bids on the jets.
The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the airline could be seeking to take advantage of the slow economy by requesting bids during the current downturn. The new planes would be used to replace both older widebody planes and B757s, with newer, more fuel efficient planes. Reportedly United has not ordered new jets in a decade.

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